Squarespace for Family Vineyards

Good wine comes from good grapes.

Good grapes come from long days, hard work, and passion.

That’s what you’ll find at Sangiacomo Family Vineyards. Having farmed in Sonoma since 1927, today three generations of the Sangiacomo family live on or near the vineyards.  They are dedicated to not only growing amazing grapes, but also to sustainable farming, social responsibility, integrity, fairness, and respect.

How could a grape growing family with such a rich history and conscientious value system settle for anything less than an amazing Squarespace website with which to tell their story?

The Sangiacomo Family Vineyards’ Squarespace website provides an in-depth look at the family’s approach to farming as well as its roots. With a clear and easy-to-navigate design, the Squarespace site offers a comprehensive Media Kit with a variety of available downloads—making it easy for the press to access images and information.

Filled with pictures of the many generations of Sangiacomos, the vineyards’ Squarespace site is the perfect introduction to this very special family business.


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