Restaurants Now Have More Options, Greater Flexibility in Squarespace

Attention restauranteurs: Squarespace just got a whole lot friendlier for your business!

Obviously seeing a lot of interest from the foodie circle, Squarespace has been busy developing custom templates and integrations geared toward this audience. Following the release of its essential website tools for the Food & Drink industry in 2013, Squarespace has been gearing up to become even better suited to hosting restaurant and related sites. Here are two of the most recent updates:

  • The latest ChowNow integration enables restaurants to offer delivery and pickup options directly on their Squarespace sites! Customers no longer need to leave your site—nor your brand identity—to place their orders.
  • Four new templates—Tremont, Hunter, Foster, and Feed—are now available in the Squarespace Food & Drink collection. This Squarespace group of templates is tailor-made to give many relevant and enticing options to restaurant owners!

Need help building a Squarespace website for your restaurant? Check out some of the gorgeous sites we’ve built for the food and drink industry!

SquarespaceJosh Neimark