Squarespace for Vegan Gelato

The handcrafted, dairy-free gelato from California’s Conscious Creamery is both delicious and sustainable. It’s made with fresh, local fruit and non-GMO, fair trade, organic ingredients when possible. The cups and spoons are fully biodegradable. Even the gelato cases require no electricity or gas generators.

We thought such a lovingly handcrafted product needed an equally lovingly handcrafted Squarespace website. Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists’ Creative Director Josh Neimark took a special interest in the project. A vegan himself, Josh felt strongly about helping Conscious share its story of delectable, animal-friendly treats with the world.

“It’s rare and exciting to get a project in our shop that speaks to my family’s vegan lifestyle,” said Josh. “We were so thrilled to help the Conscious Creamery team get their debut Squarespace website up and help to spread the word about their incredible vegan gelato!”

Executed in the Squarespace Brine template, the new site features a delicious parallax scroll on the home page, peppered with mouthwatering images of the gelato, snippets about the company’s values and ingredients, and testimonials from its fans. An up-to-date Events Calendar makes it easy to locate Conscious Creamery at a farmer’s market or event near you, while a menu of catering options gives interested visitors a chance to book private catering service.

Featuring incredibly beautiful imagery throughout, the new Conscious Creamery website will have anyone with a sweet tooth—vegan or not—wishing they could try some of this delicious and sustainable treat!

How sweet it is,

Fix8 Media