Squarespace for Rheumatologists

A physician’s website can offer specific challenges to a web designer. First, there’s the issue of organizing and presenting a lot of information. Often rich with medical terminology, resources, contact details, and forms, a doctor’s website can easily get bogged down in a sea of confusion. Enter Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists.

Led by Dr. Richard Stern, Rheumatology Associates contracted with Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists to help them design not only a great looking Squarespace website, but also one that was organized, well-written, and optimized for SEO. Engaging the talents of our content and SEO strategist Tina Snyder, Rheumatology Associates crafted an information-rich yet extremely accessible Squarespace website compliant with HIPAA regulations.

“More and more doctors are finding a resource in our team because of our experience building websites in the medical field,” said Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists Creative Director Joshua Neimark. “We aren’t doctors or lawyers, but we understand the general guidelines and best practices that physicians need to follow when building Squarespace websites—and we help them ensure their websites are as patient-friendly as possible.”

Complete with warm and relatable images, clear calls to action, a thorough patient resource section, and link to a secure Patient Portal, the new Rheumatology Associates website, executed in the Squarespace Bedford template, is the latest example of Fix8 Media’s understanding of and collaboration with medical groups.

Fit as a fiddle,

Fix8 Media

Your team exceeded my expectations. Y’all went WAY above and beyond. I think you took my basic ideas and did a great job of turning them into a website I am very proud of. I cannot say enough great things about everyone!!!! Josh and Molly were like mind readers, translating my vision into reality. Tina is always helpful with great feedback and support. I expected to pay more for such a site. I will recommend you to everyone!
— Dr. Richard Stern, Rheumatology Associates Grapevine