Squarespace Pays Tribute to Filmmaker David Lynch

This is just something you’ve got to experience to appreciate.

Pushing the platform as only it can, Squarespace recently announced a collaboration with artists and musicians that pays homage to filmmaker David Lynch. In cooperation with actor John Malkovich and photographer Sandro, Squarespace has launched PlayingLynch.com.

A celebration of the The Music of David Lynch, a tribute album, Malkovich and Sandro created vignettes featuring memorable characters and scenes from David Lynch’s films. Squarespace is making these vignettes, which are set to tracks from the album, available on PlayingLynch.com.

Check out the immersive Squarespace experience to see for yourself how incredibly powerful the platform can be. You’ll be sucked in immediately (I mean, really, how can you not be with John Malkovich at center stage?), with the music from artists such as Lykke Li, Sky Ferreira, and Karen O rounding out the mood. 

Once on the site, if you donate to the David Lynch Foundation, you get access to the tracks and videos before they’re released. Or, better yet, you get a pass to come back to the site for a week and watch as new vignettes are unlocked.

The David Lynch Foundation is a nonprofit that helps those suffering from trauma, stress, or loss cope via transcendental meditation techniques. All proceeds from PlayingLynch.com go to the foundation.

Check it out: PlayingLynch.com.

SquarespaceJosh Neimark