Squarespace for Craft Beer and Good Eats

Madison’s Artisan Sandwich Shop and Craft Beer Bar just got a mean online facelift thanks to Squarespace. Brought to you by the owners of Forage Kitchen, Roast is the perfect spot for a casual lunch meeting, weekend family brunch, or dinner with friends. Offering locally sourced ingredients, creative sandwiches, and a broad selection of craft beers, Roast wanted its new Squarespace website to be clean and highly functional—and we gladly delivered!

Built in Squarespace’s Pacific template, the home page scroll gives the user quick access to the restaurant’s tasty menu options—and a number of ways to get that delicious food to your face! Popular with many restaurant owners is Squarespace’s ability to integrate with a variety of online ordering systems. Roast chose Chow Now for online ordering, as well as Eat Street for delivery options.

So whether customers are dining in or out, Roast Public House’s new Squarespace site totally delivers.

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