Squarespace for Creatives

When you’re born into the world of film production and advertising, it’s hard not to be influenced by the talent around you. For Peter Yesawich, Jr., life’s creative journey started when he was in diapers and continues today.

A talented filmmaker, photographer, and creative director, Yesawich needed an evocative website to represent his passions—and Squarespace was the answer. You’re met on Yesawich’s home page with the camera turned on you, and thus the exploration into his work begins. Executed in Squarespace’s Thorne template, the site gives you a taste of Yesawich’s eye for photography, his multimedia creative work, and his filmmaking expertise. A quick run through his client list won’t leave you wondering, with such impressive brands among the roster as Porsche, American Crew, and Microsoft, to name a few.

Yesawich’s choice of Squarespace to seamlessly integrate his creative passions and showcase his portfolio in a cohesive, easy to navigate website is telling: A true creative spirit connecting with a website platform aimed at people just like him. If you’re an artist, photographer, filmmaker, designer, or dreamer, Squarespace may be right for you.

Journey on,

Fix8 Media

My experience with Fix8 Media has been a long standing relationship built upon trust, experience and good friends. I’ve found that by working with an agency such as Fix8, they always over-deliver and always have new ideas about how to bend, break and leverage the Squarespace platform. In my two years of working with Fix8 I’ve never once had a hiccup or unpleasant experience. Josh, Tina, Susie and Sarah are so experienced and well versed in everything they do. It’s all about the details inside and out. As a creative and director, my portfolio is always changing in order to remain relevant. Working with Fix8 has allowed me to focus on the details and experience design that matters to brands and agencies around the globe.

I believe that the perfect client for Fix8 should bring creative challenges to the table. Because the team is so fast and efficient with money and time, it allows for clients to step back and revel in a hands-on process that keeps you invested and inspired. For me, that’s huge. I can’t express the amount of relief I felt when embarking on a two-year long journey with Fix8. I’m a customer for life.

Squarespace has offered up so many luxuries to the design and development worlds. Unlocking that potential with Fix8 has been seamless since day one. I’ve always felt confident that I will have the trusted resources and go-to knowledge that will separate my work from the rest. It’s just such an incredible journey to embark upon and I would really recommend Fix8 to anyone looking to break free of the clutter and white noise of your business and competitive space.
— Peter Yesawich Jr.