Squarespace for TV

Counted among their achievements is the ability to entertain people around the globe by telling authentic stories with humor and heart. They’re responsible for such well-known shows as “Cake Boss,” “Fixer Upper,” and “Prospectors.” Their work has appeared on popular networks, including TLC, HGTV, The Weather Channel, and Food Network. They are High Noon Entertainment—and they recently collaborated with Fix8 Media to create a Squarespace website as real as their reel. 

When the Denver-based television production company approached us with this project, we were beyond excited to work with them. Building a Squarespace website for a Denver business with such an incredible portfolio of work was truly an honor—and working with their talented team to accomplish the goals for their new Squarespace site was a pleasure. The result—a clean, sleek experience in which the shows and dynamic reel take center stage—was the perfect fit for the Squarespace platform.

Because at the heart of it, High Noon Entertainment and Squarespace have one huge thing in common: They’re both all about storytelling. 

Tuning in,

Fix8 Media