Squarespace for Lawyers

Detroit attorney Edward Bajoka has built his reputation on winning difficult cases. He’s a lawyer who accepts only a small number of high-stakes cases—and he needed a Squarespace website as professional and polished as his practice.

For Bajoka, it was critically important for potential clients visiting his Squarespace website to understand his firm’s strengths and services. Opting for Fix8 Media’s Full Monty Package, Bajoka took advantage of our team’s graphic design and editing/SEO services in addition to Squarespace website design and development. We delivered with an elegant new logo and powerful content, all wrapped up in an elegant Squarespace Parallax scroll.

Content is concise and clean, punctuated by elegant city landscapes and all important calls to action. With clearly defined service areas and formidable testimonials, Bajoka’s new Squarespace website is exactly the representation of his practice that he had hoped for—strong, clear, and confident.

Order in the court,

Fix8 Media