Squarespace for Men Who Marry

When you’re designing the premier website dedicated to helping men marrying men plan the perfect wedding, there’s no holding back. We’re proud to say that we truly pushed the Squarespace platform with MensVows.com—and the results are stunning!

Built in the new Squarespace 7 Thorne template, Men’s Vows has an enviable high-end print magazine feel. The home page features one of our favorite Squarespace custom integrations: Motion Video Background. The beautiful image landscape and captivating video entice the visitor to explore the site further, delving into whatever topic interests him most.

For those who are just starting out in the wedding planning process and don’t know where to begin, Men’s Vows offers a custom Get Started planning guide on the Squarespace site. An impressive Squarespace customization, this step-by-step guide leads the visitor through the three stages of a wedding—engagement, ceremony, and reception—answering critical questions along the way and offering the reader ideas and insights. 

Incorporating a dynamic Pinterest feed on its Style Guide page and rotating blog posts grouped by relevant topic using Squarespace Summary blocks, the Men’s Vows Squarespace site elegantly weaves a tapestry of helpful information that is both trend setting and totally unique. The resulting editorial, image-driven experience is an example of how you can push the boundaries of Squarespace in new and exciting ways! 

Tying the knot,

Fix8 Media