Squarespace for Real Estate Sales

When you’re responsible for more than $2 billion in resort, urban, and condominium conversion sales throughout the Western U.S., you need a website equal in caliber to your target market. Those real estate developers and their investors need to find a resource in you—and Squarespace offers the platform upon which to shine.

Built in the Squarespace Bedford template, the Level 4 Advisors Squarespace website conveys the real estate industry experts’ experience and services in a sophisticated fashion. Utilizing a clean and succinct navigation combined with the gorgeous wide-format banner images Squarespace is known for, the site is both informative and elegant.

From the scenic home page slide show through to the breathtaking contact page photo, Level 4 Advisors’ Squarespace site both entices and informs potential clients in the luxury resort, urban development, and condo conversion market.

Taking it to new levels,

Fix8 Media