Squarespace for Emergency Alert Systems

Ensuring the safety of schools, medical centers, government organizations, and more is at the heart of the Alertus brand. An industry leader in unified facility notification, Alertus engineers innovative emergency alert systems for colleges, K-12 schools, corporations, military bases, and other high-security facilities. The company needed a robust Squarespace website in which to educate visitors about its solutions and demonstrate its products in action.

Using a combination of embedded videos, Squarespace gallery blocks, and bulleted text, Alertus thoroughly highlights each of its product’s capabilities and specs. By featuring Squarespace forms on many pages within the site, Alertus effectively invites interested parties to request a demo, ask questions, or learn more about the company’s products and services.

The result is a highly functional, intuitive Squarespace website rich with a robust navigation that takes advantage of the SEO opportunities inherent within the Squarespace platform. While deep in scope, the new Alertus Squarespace site never lacks focus toward the all important calls to action to contact the firm to learn more. Rightly so, the Squarespace site mirrors the attention to detail and urgency required of a brand whose job it is to immediately and accurately trigger alerts in the event of an emergency.

Stay safe,

Fix8 Media