Squarespace for Human Resources

Founded by Human Resources expert Karyn Detje, FABRIC is a people-focused consulting practice that aims to strengthen the human resources and leadership effectiveness of any organization. The rich tapestry of a company’s culture is reflected in the visual elements behind the FABRIC brand, infusing that sense of texture and depth into its new Squarespace website.

The home page experience is one of immediate call to action on a wide-format banner image coupled with an accordion-style list of questions that today’s companies are asking. A feed of recent blog posts anchors the page and further exemplifies FABRIC as a thought leader in the Human Resources arena.

Executed in Squarespace’s popular Mercer template, the site uses a mix of relevant stock photography and interesting typography to get FABRIC’s message across about its services, principles, and expertise. The result is a modern, engaging site where professionals and businesses seeking human resources services can learn more in a user-friendly and engaging Squarespace environment.

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