Squarespace for Supporting Military Families and Veterans

Military service members, veterans, and their families have a friend in Challenge America. The organization aims to connect these folks to resources in their local communities—and their new Squarespace website helps them to do so using robust features and tools.

It’s never been easier to donate to Challenge America’s cause, with a donation page that offers three easy-to-use buttons enabling the visitor to support individual campaigns, organizational campaigns, or Challenge itself. The donation functionality makes Squarespace an ideal solution for nonprofits seeking to collect contributions directly through their Squarespace sites.

Built in the Squarespace Five template, the Challenge America site features sidebars with numerous calls to action, providing the visitor with multiple opportunities to find resources, learn, and get involved. Complete with a new logo, streamlined navigation and content, and engaging imagery, the new Challenge America Squarespace website is a true resource for military families and veterans to connect, learn, and find the help they need. 

Standing at attention,

Fix8 Media