Squarespace for Campaigning

With a campaign slogan of “A Change for the Better,” Pamela Sossi chose wisely when she opted for a sleek and current Squarespace website upon which to host the online portion of her campaign.

Running for Michigan State Representative in District 1, Sossi needed a website that clearly stated her position on the issues and presented her background for potential supporters’ consideration. Squarespace and Fix8 Media delivered in the form of a visually compelling and user-friendly campaign website that very clearly captures Sossi’s voice. 

Peppered throughout with quotes and compelling calls to action on wide-format banner images, Sossi’s new Squarespace campaign site links out to ActBlue, which is designed specifically to accept the grassroots donations Sossi seeks to attract. In addition, Fix8 Media offers the option to customize the Squarespace donation functionality, which is especially helpful to nonprofits and other entities seeking to collect donations online.

Shaking hands and kissing babies, 

Fix8 Media