Squarespace for Sales Outsourcing

Back in 2013, we launched a Squarespace website for Netpique Sales Outsourcing in Palm Coast, Florida. Three years later, Netpique approached our team with a request for a redesign—updating both content and aesthetics to better reflect the company’s position as an experienced thought leader in the sales outsourcing field.

After an incredible collaboration between the Fix8 and Netpique teams, we’re pleased to introduce the redesigned Netpique.com. Built in Thorne, a new Squarespace 7 template, the site features a parallax scroll on the home page with a number of calls to action to drive interested visitors deeper into the site. New carousels of relevant content pulled from the revamped blog showcase Netpique’s expertise in various aspects of sales outsourcing, recruiting, and training.

The new site is contemporary and relevant in both styling and content—more accurately mirroring Netpique’s culture and value proposition. 

From the home of the extreme makeover, 

Fix8 Media