Squarespace for Creative Entreprenuers

According to The New Yorker, RecordSetter is “to the Guinness World Records as Wikipedia is to the Encyclopedia Britannica.”

And RecordSetter founder Dan Rollman’s Squarespace website is Fix8 Media’s latest project.

Also an Emmy Award-winning creative director, TV producer, and published author (believe it or not among other things!), Dan came to Fix8 for help with his portfolio site. The LA-based creative entrepreneur is a frequent public speaker and drives for Lyft in his spare time! You can imagine with such a diverse background and range of experiences, he needed a site as clever and well-crafted as his mad skills.

Fix8 Media delivered with a Squarespace portfolio site in the Avenue template that does the trick—showcasing Dan’s impressive endeavors and eclectic side projects in a crisp, clean layout that lets the work speak for itself. Peruse his super cool portfolio and get inspired to follow your passions: There’s no telling where they’ll take you.

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