Squarespace for Health and Safety

When it comes to positioning yourself as a one-stop shop in any market, one of the most critical components of that endeavor is a comprehensive yet easy to navigate website.

When Single Source Health & Safety approached Fix8 Media to create a single resource for small- to mid-size businesses’ health and safety needs, we knew Squarespace could deliver in a big way. Built in the Squarespace Hayden template, the new Single Source website offers both services and products for any business looking to outfit its safety needs and train its workers. 

The home page offers numerous calls to action paired with icons that appear on related pages throughout the Squarespace site, guiding the visitor visually as they navigate the various service areas. Anchoring the home page is a customized Squarespace Form Block, which captures critical information for lead generation.

The equipment shop offers full commerce functionality which, as with any Squarespace site, scales automatically for mobile. Blending full-service health and safety training with everything you’d need to prepare your workplace for compliance, the new Single Source Squarespace site is a one-stop shop done right.

Safety first,

Fix8 Media