Squarespace for Sea Glass

Beachcombers are treasure hunters at heart. If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know the unique joy that comes with finding a special little ocean treasure to call your own. No one understands that feeling better than Cindy Bilbao, owner of Sea Glass Searchers Club. In fact, she’s built her business on it!

Cindy needed a new website for her growing sea glass business. An expanded product line and a need for an enjoyable shopping experience led her to Squarespace and Fix8 Media. Using an oceanic color palette, we designed Cindy a Squarespace site in the Squarespace Hunter template that captures the essence of her motto, “Find Your Peace.” You have no choice but to feel calm as you peruse Sea Glass Searchers Club’s many offerings—from beach combing bags to Cindy’s books to Tide Washed Tees and more.

The ocean-themed merchandise has found a home in Squarespace, which offers new and improved commerce capabilities in its latest templates, combined with enhanced e-commerce data capture and analysis on the back end—perfect for shop owners like Cindy Bilbao!

Who needs a treasure map?

Fix8 Media