Squarespace for Real Estate Videos

If you’ve ever been in the market to buy real estate, you understand how difficult it is to get a feel for a home until you step foot in the door. You scroll through pages and pages of photos, only to get your hopes up about a few homes that fail to live up to your expectations.

For those in the luxury real estate market in the Bay Area, shopping for a home just got a little easier thanks to BMP Virtual Homes. This team of professionals creates virtual home tours that will blow you away. Aerial drone and full motion video tours show you the ins and outs of your next potential home or investment. And thanks to Squarespace, potential realtors interested in using BMP’s services now have a gorgeous website with dozens of examples showing why they should.

The second you hit the Squarespace home page, a sampling of BMP’s gorgeous video footage plays in the Motion Video Background. This super cool Squarespace integration shines again on the Services page, where you see the dynamic BMP duo at work in the field.

Built in the Squarespace Hayden template, BMP Virtual Home’s site features powerful portfolios of their video and photo services. Realtors interested in obtaining a quote from BMP simply fill out a custom Squarespace form, providing all of the key information needed for the firm to price a job.

Taking advantage of Fix8 Media’s Full Monty package, BMP maximized the potential of their site’s reach and impact, receiving both logo design and content/SEO services to complement the Squarespace website design and development. In the end, the website stands out for this talented team—a leader in the niche market of luxury real estate marketing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 3, 2, 1,

Fix8 Media