Squarespace for Medical Equipment Planning

When you’re in a niche industry like medical equipment planning, you need a website that speaks directly to your target audience. That’s why Colorado-based Envision Planning turned to Fix8 Media and Squarespace. Using the Squarespace Hayden template, we built an ultra clean and effective sales and marketing tool that clearly conveys Envision Planning’s depth of experience in the field.

The wide-format banner slideshow on the home page features compelling calls to action, enticing interested parties to click through to learn more. A quick scroll offers immediate peace of mind via Envision’s credentials and certifications presented front and center, and anchored by a powerful testimonial.

Click around the ultra-clean Squarespace site—an appropriate aesthetic for appealing to those in the medical field—and you’ll find a very fluid presentation of the company’s services, experience, and sample projects. The new Squarespace website feeds the visitor’s need for reassurance that they’ve found the right partner with testimonials peppered throughout.

A quick tour leaves one feeling confident that Envision Planning can handle any medical planning needs with skill and ease.

Helping you rock your niche market,

Fix8 Media