Squarespace Announces New Engineering Blog

If you’ve met the design and development team here at Fix8 Media, you know we’re prone to geeking out over Squarespace. Well, thanks to the talented team of supergeeks over at Squarespace headquarters, you can now join in the tech fest yourself!

Squarespace has just announced its new Engineering Blog, in which the technical gurus over at Squarespace share tales of the various issues they handle day in and day out. Do you know that Squarespace has more than 1 million customers—which translates to more than 1 billion page views for Squarespace sites monthly. Holy cow that’s a lot of traffic…

So you can imagine serving that volume of traffic comes with a few technical challenges. Well, now you can read all about them and more in the new Squarespace Engineering Blog. With more than 100 engineers comprising the Squarespace team, you’re sure to find some interesting stories here.

Got a Squarespace question you want to geek out over with us? We’d love to talk!