Squarespace for Career Counseling

When your mission is to inspire others, your website must take that to heart.

The brainchild of two professionals in the fields of educational consulting and psychotherapy, E&L Counseling and Consulting in New York City aims to inspire clients to be successful in their lives and careers. The duo of Elena Estrin and Leslie Faerstein needed a Squarespace website to present their services, engaging potential clients to start a journey of self-discovery with them.

Executed in the Mercer template, E&L’s new Squarespace website balances the group’s offerings of individual career counseling, therapy, and educational consulting in an elegant manner. Information-rich yet not overly text heavy, the new Squarespace website clearly presents the group’s services, offering numerous calls to action for interested parties to engage with the founders. Backed by a calming, soft color palette, the banner images echo E&L’s myriad disciplines without overwhelming.

The inclusion of a Squarespace blog enables the group to share their vast knowledge in the counseling and consulting sectors while building up SEO—one engaging post at a time.  

To your success,

Fix8 Media