Squarespace Success Stories - Rebecca Rose

When you’re a purveyor of creative services, a run of the mill website is simply out of the question. Your online presence must echo your aesthetic. That’s not to say you’ve got to be over the top—but carefully chosen fonts, a thoughtfully composed color palette, and on-point imagery are critical.

That was the case with Rebecca Rose Creative, which offers styling, print production, and event, floral, and graphic design. When Becca Atchison, Betsy Krug, and their team approached Fix8 Media to redesign their creative services site in 2014, we had our work cut out for us. Not only did the site need to mirror the brand, but also be a highly functional tool for their business.

“We knew that we needed a site that was clean and simple, yet visually powerful,” says Becca. “We needed a site that could support e-commerce in a user-friendly way so that it would be easy for us to update/change ourselves.”

Squarespace proved the ideal solution to the firm’s e-commerce needs, boasting in-depth metrics and analysis, a number of product display options, and intuitive tools for adding or changing products in minutes.

“Squarespace's tools are easy to use and help us organize, track inventory, and update materials seamlessly,” she says. “We’re very happy with the site!”

So happy, in fact, that just months after the launch of Rebecca Rose Creative, the team returned to Fix8 with a request to redesign their other Wordpress site for Rebecca Rose Events. The big sister to Rebecca Rose Creative, Rebecca Rose Events is a full-service event planning and design firm that produces weddings and social events. “We wanted to streamline our systems and felt that it made sense to be using Squarespace for both sites,” says Becca. “We felt that Squarespace was a bit easier to use than Wordpress, and were excited to make the switch for our Rebecca Rose Events site.” 

That ease of use has proven critical to both sites. From adding new products on the creative site to uploading image galleries on the events site, the Squarespace tools make it simple for the firm to keep their offerings current. Not to mention the ability to frequently update their blogs, which has proven extremely beneficial to extending the reach of the brand.

“Squarespace makes blogging so easy,” says Becca. “It's easy to format and schedule posts, and we've seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our site because of our daily blogging efforts.”

And those who land on the sites tend to stick around for a while. It’s hard not to get lost in all those gorgeous images. “We receive many compliments about the organization of our site, as well as the emphasis on beautiful photography,” says Becca. “We're thrilled with both of our sites and feel that our business has benefited tremendously from an enhanced online presence!” 

To learn more about Rebecca Rose Creative and Rebecca Rose Events, visit www.rebeccarosecreative.com and rebeccaroseevents.com.