Squarespace for Handmade Guitars

Guitar aficionados, woodworkers, and admirers of all things handmade will certainly appreciate the work of BarZ Guitars. This Alaska-based company was born of one man’s passion for music and long nights away from home.

The company was born in 2011, while owner Zach Beatty was steering oil wells in North Dakota. He began building guitars for himself and his son in his spare time. He’s amassed quite the impressive collection of handmade guitars that he wanted to show the world.

That’s exactly what his new Squarespace website has enabled him to do. Built in the Squarespace Juke template, BarZguitars.com is the culmination of a 5-year-long labor of love. Traveling from oil rig to oil rig with his tools and guitar pieces in tow, Beatty has crafted instruments from wood sourced mainly in the Pacific Northwest. His new Squarespace site features galleries of guitars completed and in pieces, as well as the materials from which they are made. Squarespace has given him a platform on which to share his story and his unique instruments.

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