Did You Know That Squarespace Now Supports 13 Currencies?

Squarespace is always seeking to improve the functionality and reach of its platform, making it as user friendly as possible on a global scale.

Ecommerce customers take note: Squarespace now supports 13 currencies! After you hook up your Stripe account to your site, your store automatically updates with the currency associated with your Stripe account, assuming Squarespace supports it. You can follow the steps to select a different currency if your country supports multiple currencies.

Here is a list of the currencies currently supported by Squarespace:

  • USD—US dollar
  • AUD—Australian dollar
  • CAD—Canadian dollar
  • CHF—Swiss franc
  • DKK—Danish krone
  • EUR—Euro
  • GBP—British pound
  • HKD—Hong Kong dollar
  • MXN—Mexican peso
  • NOK—Norwegian krone
  • NZD—New Zealand dollar
  • SEK—Swedish krona
  • SGD—Singapore dollar

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SquarespaceJosh Neimark