Squarespace for Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

Authors and Squarespace go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’ve worked with our fair share of writers, building Squarespace sites to market and sell their stories.

And the best part about working with writers is learning their stories, then crafting awesome Squarespace sites that enable their passion to shine through. That was exactly the case with author Ken Britz. A Navy man and engineer by trade, Ken has a love for storytelling that started in his youth. For years, he struggled with his creative side, until stumbling upon the impetus to put pen to paper during National Novel Writing Month. The result: A few years later, he has The Pillars of Fire and Light Trilogy to share with the world!

Ken approached Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists to build him a Squarespace website on which to market the trilogy, as the first novel in the series neared release. Choosing the Squarespace Rover template, Ken wanted to keep things simple, enabling visitors to learn about him and the books, sign up for his enewsletter, or contact him.  Fix8 delivered, with a clean, elegant site that lets the books take center stage, with the option to build out as reviews come in and the subsequent books in the trilogy become available.

With the foundation in place, author Ken Britz can keep updating his Squarespace site as he continues to add more stories to his repertoire. 

Find some time to stick your nose in a book,

Fix8 Media