Squarespace and Juicer Social Media Integration

Squarespace and Juicer

Setting up a Juicer Social Integration on Squarespace

Squarespace offers a number of social integrations, from Facebook to Houzz and beyond. These integrations offer some excellent features and functionality, such as sharing blog posts and content directly from your Squarespace website to certain social networks. But there’s one super cool integration that you should know about if you’re looking to aggregate all or a portion of your social media posts into one impressive feed on your Squarespace site: Juicer.

If your goal is to promote stronger engagement with your social networks directly on your Squarespace site, you should definitely check out Juicer.io. This tool, which integrates seamlessly with the Squarespace platform, enables you to customize a feed of posts from your social networks in a variety of styles. When clicked, posts will pop up with a preview, then open in a new window if the user chooses to click through.

As with Squarespace, Juicer is mobile-responsive out of the box, facilitating a seamless user experience on desktop and mobile. And Juicer offers a nice free trial if you’re interested in checking it out a bit further.

Two of our recent Squarespace builds have incorporated a Juicer feed: HighNoonTV.com pulls in posts from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, while MensVows.com displays a curated Pinterest feed.

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