Squarespace for Doctors

squarespace for doctors

When building a website for their practice, doctors face a number of unique challenges in getting their message across. That’s why South Texas Surgeons approached Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers. Taking advantage of our expertise in building Squarespace websites for doctors, as well as our specialty in SEO for Squarespace, the surgeons put their trust in our team to craft a website that serves their core needs while appealing to a specific target audience.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the new South Texas Surgeons website features an engaging home page with numerous calls to action for those interested in learning more about the practice’s weight loss surgery options. Helpful icons float into place via a cool Squarespace customization, with frequently asked questions that lead potential patients to pages where many of their queries are answered. Anchored by real life success stories of South Texas Surgeons’ patients who have undergone weight loss surgery and experienced life improvements, the home page experience is an example of just how intuitive, flexible, and engaging the Squarespace platform is.

Concentrating on SEO, the new Squarespace site is broken down by the various weight loss surgery options available, with pages detailing each. A customized before and after gallery further encourages interaction with the website, prompting visitors to slide the images from left to right to view the startling transformations. Also, a unique Get Started experience gives the visitor a visual tour through the bariatric surgery process at STX, featuring custom graphics in a timeline-type experiential format.

Rounded out by a helpful Patient Center that includes downloadable forms, FAQs, financial information, and support group details, the site incorporates a blog for maintaining ongoing SEO efforts in the Squarespace platform.

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