Why Squarespace Is a Great Choice for Realtor Websites

For more and more realtors, establishing a personal website to market their services and cement their brand is becoming increasingly important. While often part of an agency or firm, many realtors enjoy the flexibility and opportunity afforded by establishing a website of their own.

With Squarespace, realtors have an incredible advantage in the robust, user-friendly toolset the platform offers. Incredibly visual and image-driven, the Squarespace templates offer real estate agents an out-of-the-box solution that instinctively meets the needs of their clientele: home seekers and sellers who require a heavily visual experience on their real estate journey. So many templates in Squarespace offer this solution inherently, it’s tough to go wrong!

Beyond aesthetics, Squarespace offers realtors who are busy running from listing to listing to show their homes or analyze potential sale properties a very manageable website. They can easily login and update a featured property in a matter of minutes. And each template is customizable to the real estate agent’s needs and brand—from integrations with a variety of softwares such as MLS/IDX systems to custom intake forms with fields dictated by the agent. Potential clients can engage with realtors directly via their sites, perusing listings without ever leaving the brand.

Social media integrations further enable realtors to extend their marketing efforts beyond the website, connecting their efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond with their websites. Whether you are a realtor catering to first-time home buyers or multi-million-dollar property management firms, Squarespace has a solution that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Josh Neimark