Squarespace for Cancer Support

Squarespace for Cancer Support

Squarespace Designers Fix8 Media Launch Nonprofit Website Dedicated to Helping Those Affected by Brain Cancer

Michael Matters Foundation Chooses Squarespace to Help People Living with Brain Cancer

When you can feel the love of an organization shine through its people upon first interaction, that says a lot. This was the case when the team at Michael Matters approached Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers to redesign their existing website in Squarespace.

Led by Marisa Schostok, Michael Matters Foundation is dedicated to helping those affected by brain cancer. When Marisa’s father, Michael, lost his battle to brain cancer in July of 2012—just 15 months after his diagnosis—his family was devastated. In the year that followed, they started this foundation in the hopes of assisting brain cancer patients and their families who need financial assistance during their difficult journey with the disease.

Built in the Squarespace Hayden template, the website shares the story behind the creation of this important foundation and the stories of the people it is helping due to generous donations from supporters. By integrating with Funraise.io, a unique donation functionality that gives donors a special giving experience, Fix8 Media provided the organization with a powerful Squarespace website that includes a superior fundraising tool. The Funraise integration captures the donor’s data, enabling the nonprofit to then build a relationship with that donor. (Learn more about Fix8’s partnership with Funraise.io.)

With a professional, compelling Squarespace website to share its mission, as well as an excellent fundraising tool with which to help even more people living with brain cancer, Michael Matters Foundation is positioned to spread even more love into the future—in memory of the man for whom this special organization is named.

Helping those in need,

Fix8 Media