Squarespace for California Realtors

Squarespace for California Realtors

Santa Barbara Realtor Selects Fix8 Media to Design Modern Squarespace Website

Squarespace an Ideal Choice for Real Estate Agents

Realign Real Estate in Santa Barbara wanted to break the mold when it came to its new Squarespace website. Owner David Mires, a Santa Barbara native with nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate field, collaborated with Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers to craft a website reflective of his professionalism and personality.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the website opens with a beautiful banner, cool color scheme, and direct calls to action aimed toward buyers and sellers. Click into the site via a well organized navigation that gets you to where you need to be, whether you’re looking to learn more about Realign, read client testimonials, or check out homes available or previously sold by the firm. The Squarespace website also features an MLS integration, enabling visitors to check out the public IDX search without ever leaving the Realign website. For many realtors, this is a main requirement for their new websites, and Squarespace integrates seamlessly with MLS or IDX search systems.

Livin’ the California Dream,

Fix8 Media