Squarespace for Family Therapists

Squarespace for Family Therapists

When your business services a special niche, it’s important that your website appeal to that target market very specifically. This was precisely the case with Modern Family Therapy, a Denver-based psychotherapy practice that caters to stepfamilies. The founders came to Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers with a vision for their Squarespace website to be a welcoming, comfortable setting in which families in transition could find solace and hope.

And that’s just what we delivered. Executed in the Squarespace Foster template, the new Modern Family Therapy website guides the viewer through the various services offered. The muted, soft banners feature carefully selected images of children and families in black and white, popping the practice’s logo colors and calls to action. The product of Fix8 Media’s Squarespace Full Monty service level, the website features a new logo designed by our in-house graphic designer and content and SEO work by our team’s editor. The result is a cohesive brand image and representation embodied in a robust and compelling Squarespace website.

In addition, an integration with Acuity, a third-party scheduling software, makes booking an appointment with Modern Family Therapy quick and easy—eliminating the need to wait for an email or call back from the practice to get scheduled. These types of integrations are very popular among our clients in the medical or services field. Doctors, therapists, and counselors/coaches with Squarespace websites enjoy the automation afforded by scheduling softwares such as Acuity, Calendly, and VCita—all of which integrate seamlessly with the Squarespace platform.

For families in the greater Denver area going through divorce or remarriage, Modern Family Therapy’s Squarespace blog offers helpful tips and insights, rounding out the website’s offerings.

Family first,

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