Squarespace for Published Authors

Squarespace for Published Authors

A published author and teacher of writing, Geeta Kothari desired a Squarespace website to promote her books and share her wisdom with others. The nonfiction editor of the Kenyon Review, Geeta’s fiction and nonfiction have appeared in various journals and anthologies. She is director of the Writing Center at the University of Pittsburgh, where she teaches in the undergraduate program.

Working in the Squarespace Rally template, Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers crafted an ideal platform for this storyteller. Starting on the home page, visitors can elect to learn more about Geeta, her newest book, or where she’ll be for her next appearance. A page dedicated to her latest publication, I Brake for Moose and Other Stories, features a synopsis of the book with testimonials and a link out for those interested in purchasing it.

Students of writing or those looking to publish a book will be enlightened by Geeta’s Squarespace blog, in which the author shares tips, tricks, and advice. Relying on Squarespace’s integration with Mailchimp, Geeta encourages those interested in learning more to subscribe to her e-newsletter—getting that expertise delivered directly to their inboxes.

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