Squarespace for Safety Training

Squarespace for Safety Training

When you have a niche offering like health and safety training software, you need a website that very clearly targets and appeals to your market. And that’s exactly what Classbyte.com got with its new Squarespace website.

Built in the Squarespace Hyde template, the new Classbyte website presents its products and pricing in a well organized fashion, enabling interested parties to explore the software’s features and benefits, as well as available marketing plans and a unique website development option. In addition, working closely with Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers, the Classbyte team integrated a number of compelling calls to action, prompting visitors to request a demo to learn more.

A combination of icons, graphics, and clean but bold typography take what could be a very text-heavy presentation and make it accessible and visually dynamic. And speaking of accessibility, visitors interested in learning more about Classbyte’s Squarespace CPR website packages can use the Calendly scheduling integration to set up an appointment on the spot! Squarespace’s ability to integrate with scheduling softwares such as Calendly, Vcita, and Acuity is a huge draw to businesses and service providers looking to make online booking faster and easier!

As a whole, the website is a resource for anyone in the health and safety training field looking to broaden the reach of their business through software, online presentation, and marketing.

Playing it safer,

Fix8 Media