Why Squarespace Is Perfect for Lawyers’ Websites

Whether you have your own practice or are a partner in a law firm, lawyers in greater numbers are turning to Squarespace to find the answers to their website needs. If you are a lawyer or law firm seeking to build a website to draw business to your practice and market your service areas to the local or national community, you’ve got to check out Squarespace.

The ability to select from a number of sophisticated, contemporary templates, combined with the user friendly nature of the Squarespace content management tools, makes this an ideal choice for law firms. Regardless of if you want to be totally hands on with your website—adding content, updating pages, blogging—or leave the Squarespace support to your web team, Squarespace offers a number of built-in features and benefits that law firms find appealing. Organize your practice areas for easy access from your home page or via a navigation drop down, craft compelling slideshows that keep potential clients moving through your site, and incorporate abundant calls to action that support that all-important first point of contact with a client in need of legal guidance.

Want to stand out from the crowd of ubiquitous stuffy lawyer websites? Squarespace has your answer. Working closely with Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers, lawyers can clearly and compellingly lay out their terms and service areas, present testimonials from satisfied clients, and engage with potential clients via a blog. Available integrations with third-party scheduling softwares such as Acuity, Calendly, and Vcita, as well as the ability to create custom intake forms, are also a benefit to many lawyers turning to Squarespace for their law firm’s website. 

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Josh Neimark