Why Squarespace Is Ideal for Doctors’ Websites

Whether a sole practitioner or a group practice, doctors in increasing numbers are turning to Squarespace to build robust websites for their medical offices. If you are a doctor who is looking to build a website that can serve as both a marketing vehicle to attract new patients and a valuable resource for existing patients, check out what Squarespace has to offer.

Combining the myriad design options in Squarespace’s many templates with its built-in user-friendly toolset, Squarespace affords many paths to achieving the goals doctors may have for their websites. In addition to its built-in features, many integrations are available to doctors who use Squarespace, such as third-party scheduling software integrations. Popular scheduling tools such as Calendly, Acuity, and Vcita can be easily integrated into a Squarespace site to provide patients with an automated way to schedule appointments, which streamlines a doctor’s offices scheduling responsibilities.

Another option that many doctors find valuable is the ability to ensure HIPPA compliance on their Squarespace sites. Designed for safe and secure communication between patients and doctors’ offices, there are HIPPA compliant integrations compatible with the Squarespace platform. One example is Practisforms.com, which offers secure, HIPPA-compliant patient forms for doctors’ Squarespace websites.

Squarespace offers doctors a total solution for building an effective website to generate new business while supporting current patients as a useful resource.

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Josh Neimark