Squarespace for Bars and Restaurants

Squarespace for Bars and Restaurants

Can you believe there was no independent tequila tasting room in Tequila, Mexico?

Yeah, we couldn’t either.

But thanks to a group of guys with a shared passion for tequila, that’s no longer the case: We’re stoked to introduce you to La Cata—the first tequila tasting room in the heart of Tequila, Mexico! And we’re even more excited to be responsible for this group’s amazing new Squarespace website!

This project is an example of collaboration in the truest sense of the word! Every member of the La Cata team had input into the messaging of the new Squarespace site. Working closely with Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers, La Cata’s founders achieved the look, feel, and functionality they were looking for in a website that will serve as one of the main marketing vehicles for this incredible tequila tasting destination.

Executed in the Squarespace Mojave template, the website takes advantage of Squarespace’s wide format banner areas and parallax scrolling feature to create a mood on the home page that carries throughout the site. You’re immediately struck by the sophisticated yet unpretentious approach La Cata takes to educating its patrons about tequila. Throughout the site, you learn more about the founders, their mission with La Cata, and the available tasting options.

Together with Fix8 Media’s content and SEO strategist, the La Cata team honed in on the voice for the website and ensured messaging was on point, captured the team’s true passion for this spirit category, and took advantage of the SEO opportunities afforded by Squarespace.

In the end, the new La Cata Squarespace website is tempting for everyone from the tequila aficionado to the newbie who wants to acquire a taste. We at Fix8 can’t wait to visit!


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