Two New Features on Squarespace Commerce

Squarespace is always updating its already awesome commerce features to make them even better! Two of the latest Squarespace commerce updates you should know about if you have a store are:

  • Your Squarespace online store can now have secure checkout at your domain. With the new Checkout on Your Domain feature, your clients can shop in your store without being redirected to a third party for checkout. Available to those with an Advanced Commerce plan with SSL enabled, this feature creates a more seamless shopping experience and enhances the shopper’s sense of security. Learn more
  • Squarespace users with the Advanced Commerce plan can now enjoy automatic discounts. That’s right! Now discounts can be automatically applied at checkout with no code required—making shopping more enticing to customers who love a deal. (And really, who doesn’t?) In addition, discounts have been updated to include the following cool features: ability to track the number of uses, ability to limit free shipping to certain shipping options, and ability to set a discount code that never expires. Learn more

Interested in enhancing your Squarespace site by taking advantage of its robust commerce tools? Drop us a line.