Squarespace for Children’s Therapy Services

Squarespace for Children’s Therapy Services

Parents are often their children’s strongest advocates. So when it comes to finding help for a child with a learning delay or disability, parents are left with the challenging task of locating resources they can trust.

Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado is one such resource. Based outside of Denver, the firm is committed to helping kids blossom and reach their full potential. When they approached Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers, the team at Children’s Therapy didn’t think their current website was hitting the mark. They felt the site was outdated, lacked colors and a design that truly conveyed their mission, and was clunky and cluttered with information. Accustomed to such redesigns and always up for a challenge, the Fix8 Media Squarespace design team took off running and reworked the site into a real stunner.

The redesigned Squarespace site opens with a lighthearted and fun landing page, featuring a slideshow of colorful, kid-centered images that complement the firm’s logo. Enter the site and you see more of that friendly rainbow of colors as you scroll down the parallax home page, learning more about the various services offered by Children’s Therapy. Parents and Referrers are very clearly directed to click into the various areas of the site designed to answer their questions by compelling calls to action.

The new Squarespace website is easy to navigate, with a clean and concise navigation and drop downs for the various service areas. You can learn about each member of the therapy team navigating through to individual bios, as well as each of the service areas in which the firm specializes.

Overall, the redesigned Squarespace website is bright and colorful, easy to navigate, and filled with imagery that accurately conveys the organization’s mission.

Because every kid is special,

Fix8 Media