Squarespace for Acupuncture

Squarespace for Acupuncture

California Acupuncture Clinic Launches New Squarespace Website

Squarespace Proves Ideal for Holistic Wellness Field

Adam Griffin, owner of Acutonix, knew exactly how he wanted visitors to his new Squarespace website to feel when they landed on his home page and began their journey through his site. He wanted them to be completely transformed by the experience, similar to when they start treatment at his traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture practice in Venice and Culver City, California.

Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers collaborated closely with Griffin to create a Squarespace website experience like no other—marrying a soothing, tranquil, modern aesthetic executed in the Squarespace Mojave template with an ultra functional tool for both the business and its clients. For newcomers to the field of Chinese Medicine, the Acutonix Squarespace website offers a variety of information—from descriptions of treatments to guided meditations to video blog posts.

Existing and new patients can take advantage of the Acuity scheduling integration with the Squarespace website to schedule an appointment immediately at the practice’s first availability. With two locations and multiple practitioners, this Acuity integration with Squarespace pushes the envelope of the scheduling software’s capacity to accommodate even a complicated scheduling request with ease.

All in all, the Actuonix website offers patients a true resource for education, ease of scheduling, and access to all the forms and paperwork needed before they even step foot in the office—making the visit itself all about the treatment, as it should be.

Bringing joy and balance,

Fix8 Media