Squarespace for Snow Removal

Squarespace for Snow Removal

If you live in any part of the country that gets pummeled with winter storms, you know how important it is for roadways to be cleared efficiently and effectively so you can safely leave home and hit the road. That’s exactly what Harmoney Deicing in St. Charles, Illinois, is committed to doing. Not only does the snow removal supply company offer top quality deicers, but also products that are good for the environment.

We at Fix8 Media are all about showing some love to our Mother Earth, so when Harmoney approached us for a website redesign, our Squarespace designers and developers were ready to plow forward! It all started in the Squarespace Mojave template, where the use of Motion Video Background in Squarespace sets the winter scene. Visitors are immediately encouraged to check out the company’s green solutions, as well as find exactly what they need dependent on their status: private contractor or government agency.

By breaking down the Squarespace home page into targeted areas with compelling calls to action, our Squarespace design team guides the visitor on an intuitive journey—so they’re always just a click away from the info they seek. The company’s products are detailed page by page using reader-friendly charts and graphics, while another page in the main navigation is devoted solely to Harmoney’s commitment to the environment.

With its new Squarespace presence and solid SEO footing thanks to Fix8 Media’s Squarespace SEO expertise, the company hopes to expand its snow removal business across the Midwest, attracting new clients in both the private and government sectors.

Let it snow,

Fix8 Media