Squarespace for Executive Search

Squarespace for Executive Search

Recruiting talented executives for the insurance and manufacturing sectors is The Madison Group’s niche in the executive search industry. The team came to Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers in search of a cleaner, more impactful Squarespace website that would clearly and immediately convey its services and strengths.

Working in the Squarespace Pacific template, Fix8 Media Squarespace design and development experts crafted a comprehensive home page that offers the visitor a summary of what The Madison Group’s Partnership Search Process has to offer. Results are highlighted, and interested parties can learn more about the Insurance and Manufacturing leaders and their areas of expertise by clicking into the site for more information.

The end result of the redesign is a modern, stripped down website where businesses looking for search process experts can find help quickly and easily via the Squarespace experience.

Seek and ye shall find,

Fix8 Media