Squarespace Introduces Promotional Pop-Ups

If you currently have a Squarespace Business or Commerce plan, there are some exciting things popping up for you over at your fave hosting platform. Squarespace just announced that it now offers promotional pop-ups to its customers as a way to target site visitors. If you’re a business owner trying to grow your following by boosting subscribers to your enewsletter or a store hoping to promote a new product, this is so right up your alley!

The cool thing about this pop-up is that it’s customizable, so you can decide on frequency, timing, and on which pages it will appear! When you enable this cool new feature, you’ll also be able to adjust where it appears on the screen on desktop (mobile appears at the bottom, per Google’s new content accessibility guidelines).

While the new pop-ups integrate seamlessly with your Squarespace site, you can customize the look and style to make it just right.

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