Squarespace for Civil Rights Lawyers

Squarespace for Civil Rights Lawyers

Chicago Civil Rights Lawyers Build New Squarespace Website for Their Nonprofit

Squarespace Designers Fix8 Media Launch Nonprofit Lawyer Site

Here at Fix8 Media, our Squarespace design and development team is highly accustomed to working with various industry sectors, among them lawyers and nonprofits. So when Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights approached us to redesign its nonprofit law website in Squarespace, we jumped at the opportunity. This group of civil rights lawyers and advocates works to secure racial equity and economic opportunity for all—providing legal representation to those in need and implementing community-based solutions that advance civil rights.

One of the main goals of the redesign in Squarespace was to reorder the site so that visitors could easily access the information they are looking for, while presenting that information in a super reader-friendly fashion. Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers opted for the Squarespace Mercer template for the redesign due to the fact that its one of the most customizable Squarespace templates in the current lineup. The project pages under the “Our Work” tab in particular are wonderful examples of Squarespace’s ability to offer a more experiential page design, such as the Voting Rights project, which has its own mailing list sign up and feeds relevant news and blog posts to educate the visitor.

Prominent buttons at the top of the site encourage visitors to Get Involved and support the Chicago-based nonprofit, or contact them to get help. A secondary navigation further assists in the website’s ease of navigation, ensuring anyone can quickly and intuitively find what they are looking for. This site is another example of why Squarespace is well-suited to nonprofit websites of all sizes and areas of focus.

Keeping the dream alive,

Fix8 Media