Squarespace for Travel Bloggers

Squarespace for Travel Bloggers

International Traveler Finds Blogging Home in Squarespace

Squarespace Is an Excellent Choice for Bloggers

Bloggers of all kinds find Squarespace to be the ideal solution for their websites. Recently, travel writer and photographer Alyssa of Sights in Stilettos approached Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers about building a blogging website.

Globetrotting while dressed to the nines, this savvy travel blogger fell in love with the flexibility afforded by the Squarespace Hunter template. Much like her, the new Squarespace website is classy and sophisticated, featuring the “top three” takeaways from each location she’s visited around the globe. The blog itself goes into detail about various adventures, sharing stories, travel tips, and suggestions for memorable experiences. A photo gallery on the website gives interested visitors a chance to peruse many images from Alyssa’s journeys, with a link out to purchase photos on SmugMug.

As this adventurer continues to explore the world, her Squarespace blog will evolve with each new experience. She’s delighted with the Squarespace toolset and her ability to update her blog on her own following a training session with Fix8 Media’s Squarespace experts. The intuitive nature of the Squarespace platform makes it an ideal choice for bloggers of all types to start and maintain professional blogs that educate, inform, and inspire—no matter where in the world they are!

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