Sell Products in Your Squarespace Store on Instagram

New Squarespace Tools Allow Sales on Instagram

Take Advantage of Instagram Shopping

With so many consumers now turning to Instagram to find the products they want, Squarespace has introduced a new tool to take advantage of this trend. Using the new Squarespace tools, you can now tag and sell products from your Squarespace store on Instagram.

Shoppable Instagram posts are just another great way you can take advantage of social media to extend the reach of your brand—and make more sales! When you tag a product in your Squarespace store, Instagram users will tap the image to view product details, then click through to buy that product directly on your Squarespace website. And they do this all without ever leaving the app!

This new feature is available to all users with Commerce Basic and Advanced Squarespace plans. If you are interested in maximizing the value of Instagram’s influential reach, link your product catalog to Instagram today. Then monitor the effectiveness by checking your Squarespace analytics to see how much traffic those shoppable posts are driving to your site!

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SquarespaceJosh Neimark