Squarespace for Church Websites

Squarespace for Church Websites

Northwest Christian Church Engages Congregation with Squarespace

Why Squarespace Is a Wonderful Website Option for Churches and Community Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations of all types find great value in the Squarespace toolset, which gives them the opportunity to have websites they can update and manage in-house. For churches who use their websites as tools to communicate events, news, and information to their congregations, Squarespace is an excellent choice.

Northwest Christian Church (NWCC) in Acworth, Georgia, recently engaged Fix8 Media’s experienced Squarespace designers and developers to redesign its church website to better serve the needs of current and potential members. The new Squarespace website, built in the Squarespace Mojave template, does so exceptionally well.

The home page features a welcoming photo of the church choir, scrolling down to easily accessible links to the latest sermons, upcoming events, and community groups, all anchored by a Google map displaying the church location. Meeting the needs of new and potential congregants, the new Squarespace website features a prominent “New” button in the navigation that links to an informational page about what to expect from the church and its services. The Squarespace website also features video announcements, the ability to register for a number of events, a helpful visual calendar of events, and separate pages about the church and its various ministries.

Due to Squarespace’s ability to integrate with a number of third-party software options, the new NWCC website integrates with Subsplash for giving, as well as Church Community Builder, where members can log in and connect in an online town hall environment.

Building websites worthy of worship,

Fix8 Media

We’ve been LOVING the new Squarespace website tools! I actually had a training with a couple of volunteers last week, and they’re already starting to manage content on their own! I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback on what you guys did in the design process on our new Squarespace website. THANK YOU for your work in all of this!
— Andy Mage, Northwest Christian Church