Squarespace for Veteran and Military Families Nonprofit

Squarespace for Veteran and Military Families Nonprofit

Squarespace Designers Fix8 Media Redesign Website Dedicated to Helping Veterans and Military Service Members

Challenge America Squarespace Website Undergoes Refresh

Originally launched in 2016, ChallengeAmerica.com is the website of a Colorado-based nonprofit serving veterans, military service members, and their families. Having worked with Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers on its debut Squarespace website, the nonprofit returned in 2018 for a refresh. The growth and expansion of the organization meant the need for an updated online presence that would reflect the additional resources and opportunities available to military families and veterans.

Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers took the existing website, which was built in the Squarespace Five template, and redesigned it in the Squarespace Mojave template. The new tools and flexibility inherent to Mojave were the perfect fit for the nonprofit organization’s expanding needs.

In addition to connecting its audience to resources in their local communities, Challenge America offers numerous programs and events dedicated to helping the military community. Adding the Funraise.io integration to Challenge America 2.0 enhanced the organization’s donation capabilities. A unique fundraising tool, Funraise captures the donor’s data, enabling the nonprofit to then build a relationship with that donor. (Learn more about Fix8’s partnership with Funraise.io.)

Helping military families and veterans connect, find help, and locate resources, the redesigned Challenge America Squarespace site is now even more effective as the organization’s main fundraising and communication tool.

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