Squarespace for Mindful Eating

Squarespace for Mindful Eating

Healthy Eating Coach and Chef Serves Up New Squarespace Site

Marcella Friel’s Squarespace Website Endeavors to Transform Women’s Relationships with Food

Many women struggle with food and body image, often jumping from diet to diet trying to find a solution. Mindful eating coach and natural foods chef Marcella Friel understands this struggle—and she’s devised an innovative strategy to help women transform their relationship with food and their bodies. Marcella’s new Squarespace website is the perfect platform upon which to share her techniques and engage with women who need some guidance.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the website features a stunning bounty of images of the healthy eating coach, her colorful ingredients, and her delicious natural meals. The home page invites you to “love & forgive” as you explore Marcella’s innovative tapping technique: a self-help tool explained in videos embedded in the Squarespace website. The new Squarespace website shares tips and insights for mindful eating while presenting a number of options to learn more—via insightful posts on the Squarespace blog and a number of videos both embedded and linked to from the main site. A Squarespace announcement bar showcases important events, while a comprehensive page of event listings enables interested visitors to learn more then click to sign up via a link out.

A giveaway incentive to join Marcella’s mailing list anchors the new Squarespace site, encouraging engagement from top to bottom. The mindful eating coach’s new Squarespace site is a comprehensive effort to help women forgive and transform!

Let’s eat!

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